Ganga Team

Hair Transplantation requires a completely different approach all together when compared to other surgeries. For most of the surgeries, only 1 surgeon & 1 or 2 nursing assistants are sufficient to carry out the procedure. But Hair Transplantation surgery is a much laborious and time taking process, mainly the world’s latest technique Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUHT), which requires a good numbers of trained and skilled surgical assistants.

This can be compared to a cricket team where team work plays an all important role. Generally, the doctor plays the role of a captain and others need to play their roles efficiently as well. The main doctor generally involves in technically crucial and more challenging part of the surgery and supervises the entire team. It is not only the doctor; the team should also be sufficiently skillful and be able to assist the doctor in achieving the desired output. Hence, the presence of more number of skilled surgical assistants in the team is always better to achieve high quality and better output of surgery.

The combination of highly experienced surgeon and skilled and trained surgical staff provides win-win situation for the patients and leaving the client satisfied with the outcome of the surgery, which results form the fair play and dedication of the team.